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The Voice of the European Beer Consumer

EBCU oppose rising excises in European countries

"European Beer consumers oppose rising excises in European countries. The European Beer Consumers Union, The Voice of the European Beer Consumer has issued an open letter to Members of European Parliament today. In its letter EBCU urges Members of Parliament to use their influence to stop the fact that especially beer is singled out to address budgetary deficit in various EU countries. Taxation leads to higher cost and will limit consumers' choice as breweries will be endangered by higher fiscal burden. "


Hausse excessive des taxes d’accise | Excessive hikes in beer excise in France

"The European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU), The Voice of the European Beer Consumer expresses its deepest concern about the excessive hikes in beer excise proposed in France. EBCU has therefore issued attached open letter to the French Parliament urging it to stop this unjustified chastisement of the European Beer Consumers"


Dutchman to lead European Beer Consumers

press release

European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU), “The Voice of the European Beer Consumer”, elected Henri Reuchlin as its new chairman last week. Reuchlin succeeds Terry Lock who has been leading the beer consumers union since 1999. “Terry has been pivotal in establishing a stable federation of thirteen national organisations”, says Reuchlin. “I look forward to build on this foundation to ensure that the voice of the European beer consumer is heard within the political European arena, as well as with the brewers.”


Ireland joins European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU)

press release

EBCU, “The Voice of the European Beer Consumer”, welcomed Ireland as a new member. With the admission of Irish beer consumer group Beoir, consumers in thirteen European countries are now cooperating to preserve and promote European beer culture. Launched on July 1st, 2010, Beoir is an independent group of consumers, which seeks greater choice, quality and value-for-money for the beer and cider drinkers of Ireland.


European Beer Pledge

The European Beer Pledge, launched at an event hosted by the EP Beer Club and Parliament Magazine

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The Brewers of Europe: The Voice of the European Brewing Sector



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European Beer Star 2015

The EBCU endorses the European Beer Star 2015

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World Beer Cup 2016

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Birra Dell'Anno 2015

The EBCU endorses Birra Dell'Anno 2015


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