A Continent of Beer

A Continent of Beer

EBCU are putting together a series of short informative online workshops – “A Continent of Beer”. They will cover beer tourism, history and culture of countries across Europe.

We look forward to meeting you on this journey,

A Continent of Beer – An Introduction

Presented by Tim Webb

April 17th 2024, 20.00 CET  – Tickets

While enjoying a drink of beer, have you ever stopped and wondered about the history of the world’s most popular fermented beverage?

Why do beer and Europe seem to go together – glass in hand?

In large parts of medieval Europe, ale or beer was the drink of choice.  It was consumed daily by all social classes, particularly in the northern and eastern parts of the continent, where grape cultivation was difficult or impossible.  Brewing was considered a common household task, alongside cooking and growing crops.


All About… Best Bitter

All About… Best Bitter

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