EBCU Embraces New Code of Conduct in Vienna in 69th Delegates Meeting

"The European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU) recently concluded its 69th Delegates Meeting in Vienna, Austria."

All the participants in the 69th Delegate Meeting in Vienna. Photo: BeerBrotherHood Media https://www.behance.net/beerbromedia

The European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU) recently (8-9th of March 2024) concluded its 69th Delegates Meeting in Vienna, Austria, marking a significant step forward for beer consumer advocacy across Europe. The meeting brought together delegates from various member organizations, illustrating the EBCU’s commitment to unity, diversity, and consumer rights within the beer industry.

A highlight of the meeting was the formal adoption of a new Code of Conduct. It emphasizes its role in fostering respectful and positive interactions among members at EBCU events and meetings. The Code, celebrated for its clarity and inclusiveness, was particularly noted for its adoption on International Women’s Day, reinforcing EBCU’s dedication to creating an inclusive environment for all beer enthusiasts. The Code of Conduct can be found on EBCU’s website.

The Vienna meeting also focused on strategic discussions aimed at enhancing the organization’s impact and outreach. Key themes included financial sustainability, member organization engagement, and the need for clearer communication strategies to connect with a broader audience. The EBCU’s commitment to addressing contemporary challenges, such as the environmental impact on brewing and consumer choice, was evident in the productive exchanges among delegates.

Moreover, the meeting paved the way for future initiatives, including a proposal for a regular EBCU newsletter to better inform members and supporters about activities and developments within the union and its member organizations.

As the EBCU continues to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape of the beer industry and consumer advocacy, the Vienna meeting stands as a testament to the organization’s resilience, dedication, and forward-thinking approach. The newly adopted Code of Conduct symbolizes a renewed commitment to integrity, respect, and collaboration among Europe’s beer consumers and advocates.

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