Executive committee

Bo Jensen – chairman, email

Bo’s work with consumer organisations started many years ago in the Danish Beer Entusiastes. He was elected as chairman for the local branch in his hometown Frederikshavn, Denmark, back in 2004, National Chairman in DBE 2010-2013 and was Head of Copenhagen Beer Festival 2009-2015. In parallel with the work in the national board of DBE he has worked as delegate for Denmark since autumn 2008. Bo was elected for EBCU Executive in 2012 and as chairman in 2018.

Focus organisations:
CAMRA (UK); Olutliitto (SU); SPP (CZ)


André Brunnsberg – external affairs (European institutions, home brewing and alcohol monopolies), email

André was elected for EBCU Executive in 2017 after being a delegate for Olutliitto, Finland since 2008. He works as a software engineer but also as a beer journalist and is often judging in different beer competitions with a wide knowledge of beer styles coming from almost 20 years of home brewing. Living in Helsinki, André has a good knowledge of the Nordic alcohol monopolies and how they affect the beer consumer.

Focus organisations:
Bractwo Piwne (PO); GBCU (DE); Norske Ølvenners Landsforbund;  Svenska Ölfrämjandet (SE); UnionBirrai (IT)

Angeline Drouant, email

Angeline started as a homebrewer and member of ACCE in 2015. She has been a member of its Madrid branch since its beginnings in 2018 and member of the Executive since 2019. Additionally she has been a delegate to EBCU since 2018. At a professional level, she has been working in the Villa de Madrid brewery (2017) and as a shop assistant in La Mundial beer bottle shop (2018) in Madrid. During this time, she has been in contact with beer consumers and professionals (shops, distributors and bars owners) and has a good knowledge of the Spanish craft beer market.

Focus organisations:

Simone Monetti, email

Before being elected to the executive committee, Simone has been the delegate of Unionbirrai since 2015. Previously brewpub owner and brewer, as COO of Unionbirrai he worked on lobbying for the reduction of excise duty for small independent Italian breweries and for the transparency of information to beer consumers. He is the director of the “Birra dell’Anno” competition since 2010. He lives in Bologna, Italy.

Focus organisations:
Danske Ølentusiaster (DK), GFB (CH), MoBI (IT)

Ray Turpie, email

Towards the end of his career as a Civil Engineer, Ray joined his local branch of CAMRA, taking up the post of branch secretary. Since then, he has served as a senior volunteer with CAMRA for a significant number of years including CAMRA Director for Scotland and Northern Ireland and chairman of the Public Affairs Committee, a national committee dealing with all things political, including EBCU activities. This involved working closely with the CAMRA Campaigns Team at central office to ensure effective lobbying of MPs and Civil Servants. It also covered lobbying at parliamentary receptions to meet with elected representatives as well as representatives of other industry bodies.

Focus organisations:
Beoir (IE), BierIG (AT), Zythos (BE)