The German Beer Consumers now have a voice

It is no secret in the beer business anymore:  On the 29th of March was the „Vereinigung der deutschen Bierkonsumenten (German Beer Consumers Union – GBCU)“ founded in the famous beer town Bamberg. Many brewers and institutions already have joined the new community which is already part of the European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU). But the Focus of the Germany Beer Consumers Union will of course be on the consumer’s side.

The goal of the GBCU is to give a voice to those, who love to drink their beer – but responsibly. The have three main goals: First they want to keep the broad Germany beer variety alive, especially in the gastronomy and trade. Second they want to emphasize the necessity of transparency about the ingredients and the real production place of a beer. Last but not least it is also about having a fair pricing for both sides, consumers and brewers.

As also in the manifesto of the umbrella organisation, the EBCU, their new German member wants to keep the market open for the small and regional breweries, so that the consumers have a choice of a maximum variety of beers. „The consumers have a right ti know who has brewed the beer and with what ingredients“, the manifest also reads.

„To reach our goals we cooperate with the other players on the German and European beer market and will organize regularly events covering the diversity of German beer“, says GBCU-President Markus Raupach. He is also founder of the German Beer Academy, has written more than 35 books about beer and is international beer judge at all major competitions in the world. The first meetings of the new formed consumers union will be at the Franconian Beer Festival in Nuremberg end of June, at the Great British Beer Festival in London in July and at the BrauBeviale fair in Nuremberg in November. There every participant will get free entry to the fair and a special tour.

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Mit den besten Grüßen aus Bamberg, Markus Raupach

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