The creation

At EBCU we have the following Vision and Mission:

  • Vision Statement: the European Beer Consumers’ Union represents the interests of beer consumers and their national representative organisations throughout Europe. Our aim is to encourage the development of a diverse beer sector producing a wide range of high-quality beers.
  • Mission Statement: as the voice of the European beer consumer, we will seek to promote high quality beer through dialogue with beer organisations, small and regional brewers, governments (and intergovernmental organisations), and to ensure that beer consumers are well informed and supported by instructive information about quality beers.


Our Manifesto is centered on three main topics: diversity of beer, information about beer and cost of beer.

Find out more! You can download our Manifesto on the following links:

Updated May 2021


EBCU Grants Its Endorsement to the Greater Poland Beer Cup

The European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU), an esteemed advocate for beer consumers throughout Europe, has officially endorsed the Greater Poland Beer Cup competition. The cup, which is an annual highlight for Polish and international brewers, showcases a diverse...

EBCU Survey Uncovers Beer Label Preferences Across Europe

The European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU) has just released the findings of a comprehensive survey targeting beer labeling preferences among consumers in Europe, conducted and analyzed by the University of Bamberg. Engaging with a broad demographic, the survey...