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Home News Dutchman to lead European Beer Consumers

Dutchman to lead European Beer Consumers

press release

European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU), “The Voice of the European Beer Consumer”, elected Henri Reuchlin as its new chairman last week. Reuchlin succeeds Terry Lock who has been leading the beer consumers union since 1999. “Terry has been pivotal in establishing a stable federation of thirteen national organisations”, says Reuchlin. “I look forward to build on this foundation to ensure that the voice of the European beer consumer is heard within the political European arena, as well as with the brewers.”

Reuchlin lives in The Hague, The Netherlands, and has been a beer enthusiast for more than 25 years. “This enthusiasm for the diverse European beer culture also led to my involvement in EBCU, “The Voice of the European Beer Consumer”. I feel our beer culture is underrated. We tend to forget the beauty of it. Our beer culture is endangered by a threefold threat of negligence, short term monetary considerations (from either the taxman or breweries' shareholders), and a unilateral focus on irresponsible drinking. I think EBCU, as the voice of the European Beer Consumer can play a pivotal role. The public debate in Europe is dominated by threefold threat I mentioned. We will make clear that the majority of consumers enjoy their beer in moderation, and should be able to buy a fair assortment at a reasonable price. This is the key issue. We will discuss with European Brewers, but also with European institutions to make sure our beer culture continues to thrive. The voice of the European beer consumer has been too silent in the debate so far.

There is a second reason why EBCU has an important role to play. EBCU is a federation of thirteen independent national organizations with in total over 170 000 members. We provide a platform for exchange of best practices, and a stimulus for countries where beer drinkers are not yet united.”

St Albans, November 8, 2012