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3 million fewer UK adults visit the pub

3 million fewer UK adults visit the pub on a regular basis as beer duty escalator takes its toll
CAMRA organises its biggest ever campaigning event as over 1,200 members descend upon Parliament

CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale on December 12th organised the biggest campaigning event in its 40 year history as over 1,200 of its members – as well as other members of the beer and pub industry - descend upon Parliament for a Mass Lobby, calling for an end to the damaging beer duty escalator.

Beoir pre-budget submission

Read the full text of Beoir's submission: Beoir press release


Séan Billings
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mobile: 087-2319541
website: www.beoir.org

Dublin, 3rd December 2012 - Beoir, the Irish craft beer consumer association, today delivered a Pre-Budget Submission to the Department of Finance.

In the submission, Beoir requests a re-think by the government on the issue of minimum pricing of alcohol. Not only have such measures been ineffective in the past, there is also evidence to suggest that instead of curbing problem drinking, minimum pricing and excise increases may actually be a contributory factor to the rise of alcohol consumption in Ireland.

Séan Billings, the Chair of Beoir states "Advocates of minimum pricing base their support on the Sheffield Alcohol Policy Model, a theoretical computer model based on the assumption that heavy drinkers are more likely to reduce their consumption of alcohol as a result of a price rise than other drinkers. This assumption has been shown to be false, with heavy drinkers being the least responsive to price increases of all consumers (See Wagenaar et al. (2008), or the Rand Report to the European Commission for evidence). It is a flawed theoretical model, with no basis in fact."

Beoir stands behind any genuine effort to tackle problem-drinking in Ireland but believe that raising the taxes on alcohol is not the solution and it only serves to divert efforts away from tackling the issue in a real, substantive and proactive manner.

The full text of Beoir's submission is attached as a PDF document or is available online at: http://www.beoir.org/images/beoirbudget2012submission.pdf

About Beoir
Launched on July 1st, 2010, Beoir is an independent group of consumers which seeks greater choice, quality and value-for-money for beer and cider drinkers on the island of Ireland. Our primary goal is to support and raise awareness of Ireland's native independent microbreweries and craft cider-makers. As of November 2012, Beoir is a fully qualified member of the European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU).