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Toast to 25 years of the EBCU in London

A Jeroboam of beer to toast 25 years of the European Beer Consumers Union

Terry Lock & Henri Reuchlin

This year marks 25 years since the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands came together to create a union dedicated to the preservation and protection of European Beer Culture. To celebrate the 25th year anniversary, the EBCU will be opening a commemorative three litre bottle of the Belgian beer, St-Feuillien Triple, at the Great British Beer Festival.

Chairman of the EBCU, Henri Reuchlin says “25 years on, as more and more issues affecting beer consumers are being decided in Brussels, European cooperation between beer consumers is as important as ever. Beer cultures across Europe differ considerably and that is the beauty of it. Diversity of choice, consumer information on ingredients and provenance and beer at an acceptable cost is worth fighting for. We’re proud to celebrate 25 years of cooperation between European beer consumers at the great GBBF”


EBCU endorses the Brussels Beer Challenge

During its November meeting in Dublin, the European Beer Consumers Union has taken the decision to endorse the Brussels Beer Challenge competition. In doing so, EBCU now endorses four competions, i.e. World Beer Cup, European Beer Star, Birra dell' Anno (Italy) and Brussels Beer Challenge.


Make ingredient declaration and producer information mandatory available

Isn’t it strange that as consumer, you might not be informed on the ingredients used to make your favourite beer or wine? So, what is it you are drinking?


Limited choice for beer consumers in Sweden

The European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU) is very concerned with reports that recent changes in the way Systembolaget manages its beer assortment are detrimental to the interests of consumers.


EBCU reception

EBCU reception on Tuesday 30th September

Last year, Wim van der Camp, MEP, called it “one of the best receptions in your life”. The reception held by the European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU) on Tuesday 30th September, 2014,18:00 - 20:00 hrs At the Brewers of Europe 23-25 Rue Caroly B - 1050 Brussels


Which European Parliament Candidate supports a stronger beer culture? Check the EBCU Beer-o-meter


Interested to learn which candidate for the European Parliament supports a vibrant and diverse beer culture in Europe? The EBCU Beer-o-meter election poll shows you just that. Check it out on http://beer-o-meter.ebcu.org/, and make up your mind whom to vote for.

The European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU), “The Voice of the European Beer Consumer”, has conducted an election poll among candidates for the European Parliament to learn their view on the consumption of beer and beer culture in Europe. Consumers can compare their views with participating candidates from nine different countries.


EBCU polls candidates for European Parliament

press release

European Beer Consumers Union polls candidates for European Parliament on their view on consumption of beer

The European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU), “The Voice of the European Beer Consumer”, has started an election poll among candidates for the European Parliament to learn their view on the consumption of beer and beer culture in Europe. In the so called “Beer-o-meter”, candidates are invited to react on five statements. Shortly before the elections, beer consumers across Europe will be invited to participate and learn which candidates support a vibrant and diverse beer culture.


Bractwo Piwne celebrates its 18 years

Bractwo Piwne celebrates its 18 years

At an event celebrated in Lodz on 28 September 2013, the Polish Beer Brotherhood (Bractwo Piwne) celebrated its 18 anniversary.

The history of the association dates back to late 80 's and early 90 's which was a period of big political and economic changes in Poland. During this time many political parties appear, including the Polish Party of Beer, which united in its ranks members of various origins and interests. After the collapse of the party and changes in Polish legislation related to organised civil society representatives a group of former members and some enthusiastic students decided to pursue together their common interest for beer and created in Łódź in 1995 an organisation with the aim popularize beer and its convivial nature under the denomination of Beer Brotherhood - Society for the Promotion of Beer Culture (Bractwo Piwne – Towarzystwo Promocji Kultury Piwa).

The new association progressively developed its size by setting circles in various cities, with variable sort. Currently exist local branches in Lodz, Zgierz, Czestochowa and Kraków. Through the local branches members belong to the Beer Brotherhood.

The key goals of beer culture promotion activities are done through the organisation of events, competitions and the delivery of awards to brewers and on-trade premises. The association also cooperates with Polish brewers associations for the goals of responsible beer consumption or beer diversity and participated in various joint initiatives.

The appreciation of merits to those who contributed to beer culture are done through the delivery of the Golden Hop medals. Among them also features one of the EBCU founders and former Chairman Terry Lock.

The wish to keep strong ties with EBCU has always been a priority of all Grand Masters of the association since its foundation (Lech Pietrzak, Zbigniew Olobry, Marek Suliga) and the joining of Bractwo Piwne to EBCU in 2000. Since then EBCU meetings have been organised in 2000 in Łódź, in 2005 in Kraków and in 2011 in Gdansk.

The 18 years of the organisation are an important stage, which not only shows the association’s maturity, but also provides an incentive for new activities for the future aiming at enjoying good beers in Poland.

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