Workshops organised by the EBCU for delegates and members

“Learn & Discover” with Alex Metcalfe, CAMRA’s Learning & Discovery Manager – 8pm CET, 7pm GMT, Tuesday 1st December 2020 – More details

“Learn & Discover” with Alex Metcalfe

You are invited to attend a presentation by Alex Metcalfe, who will outline the beer education programme being rolled out by the Campaign for Real Ale to which EBCU members may gain access in 2021.

The online presentation will show how the programme can benefit EBCU member organisations and will include:

  • Discovery Zones: which are spaces at beer festivals for anyone who loves beer, cider and perry and wants to find out more. Activities are focused around brewer/maker-led comparative tastings and ingredients aimed at learners with a variety of experience, from beginners up to experienced connoisseur drinkers.
  • Learn & Discover: is an online learning platform with 42 items of audio, video, text and photo content targeted via three tiers of learning content from beginners to enthusiasts and connoisseurs. 48 more items of content planned for 2021.
  • Educational content from volunteers, drinks sector professionals, educators, brewers, journalists, sommeliers, bloggers and vloggers such as Emma Inch, Roger Protz and Pete Brown.
  • Further info…

The workshop is open to EBCU delegates and members of your organisation that have an interest in beer education.

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